Career Path

How will this program integrate with my career path at Diamond Resorts International ®?

I love that this question says “career path” and not just “career.” Not all companies care that you have a path in front of you.

The opportunities that would unfold with the added technical knowledge, strengthened connections with the business, and the increased team-member focus, would make my career path brighter.

Just to make sure I answer the questions specifically, my hope for my career path would be as follows:
1. Mastery. I want to completely understand the systems that I am currently working with Atlas, Clarity, etc.
2. Ownership. I can’t want until people say, “Talk to Val; she knows everything about that system.” Just not Fly Docs.
3. Education. I want to pass on knowledge. As a future mentor, lead, manager, etc . . . The sky is the limit.